Welcome to Twin Maple Orchards. The address of our farm is 15352 Cleveland Ave Galien, Michigan 49113 and our phone number is 269-545-8840. Please feel free to call anytime between 8am and 8pm for information about what is available.We grow many varieties of fruits and vegetables including, but not limited to: apples, plums, tomatoes, pickles, pumpkins, sunflowers, beets, dill, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, and much much more.

 Updated 9-19-16:

Open Daily:


2016 Fall Harvest has Begun !

This marks the 51st year of continuous operations for Twin Maple Orchards.  Join us as we celebrate providing top quality Michigan Produce to the world.


Apples, Apples, & More Apples

Apple harvest season is currently at its peak. We are currently offering 20 varieties of apples (yes we have Honeycrispâ˜ș) ready-picked and U-Pick on the farm. Due to early ripening of almost every variety, apple season will be short lived this fall. Most of our apples will be finished by October 16th, make sure you call ahead for availability and hours. Regular market hours are 9am-6pm Eastern Time.

Current Apple Varieties
Avul Fuji Now - Mid October Braeburn Late Sept. - Mid October
Cameo Late Sept. - Mid October Connell Now - Early October
Cortland Now - Late September Empire Now - Mid October
Fuji Now - Mid October Gala Now - Early October
Golden Crisp Now - Mid October Golden Delicious Now - Mid October
Granny Smith Now - Late October Honeycrisp Now - Late September
IdaRed Now - Early October Jonagold Late Sept. - Mid October
Jonastar Late Sept. - Mid October Jonathan Now - Early October
Macoun Now - Early October McIntosh Now - Late September
Mutsu Now - Mid October Pink Lady Mid Oct. - Late October
Red delicious Now - Mid October Red Rome Late Sept. - Mid October
Swiss Gourmet Now - Late September Winesap Now - Mid October


Plums... Yes we have those too ?

Current Plum Varieties
Empress Now - Early October
Italian Prune Now - Late September
New York 9 Now - Early October
Presidential Late Sept. - Mid October
Stanley Now - Early October


...and our farm market has an excellent

selection of other produce and vegetables.


If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at zielbauer@twinmapleorchards.com. Hope to see you soon!